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Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Michael Wan

With over 10 years in the marine industry managing several verticals, Michael is the brain behind Ahop. The idea was born after months of research, & the realization that it was time for the industry to be transformed digitally and he wanted to be at the forefront of this change. In 2019, his team successfully created Ahop v1.0. He then collaborated with similar minds around the globe to assemble a more intensive and optimized version 2.0. Michael is also a licenced recreational pilot. Don’t be surprised if your next meeting with him is booked in the sky!

Co-founder and Business Advisor

Derek Chow

Derek’s greatest strength is the commitment to providing the best customer service. His in-depth understanding and analysing of every customer’s needs makes him an efficient problem solver. With 13 years of experience in Finance and his degree from Bradford, he is a wizard with numbers, working out the best value for the customers and their business. His love for adventure is evident in his social profiles, making him the lost explorer in the team. You may catch him hiking, trekking or kayaking on your next trip.

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Gong

With the right can-do attitude, Aaron is fascinated with innovative ideas in tech. A master of his craft, if you can think it, he can make it. A day with him is a geek day for the team, and he wouldn’t shy away from teaching you stuff or two. He loves teaching young blood coding and is an advocate of tech for transforming lives. From space apps to monitoring systems, Aaron has given the industry some of the leading hybrid applications in the region.

Chief Design Officer

Abhay Kaul

With an eye for design, Abhay’s work involves determining the creative vision of the brand and to manifest that vision through. Every conversation you have with Abhay is a mini Ted talk. He loves motivating people and building them up. A true leader who is patient and kind. With over 6 years of experience across the globe in user experience, he translates the complex state of the art technologies to beautiful and easy to use applications. You can find him at the gym, surprisingly all the time of the day.

Business Advisor

Jess Tang

Voted amongst the 25 Innovators in Asia-Pacific by Holmes Report, Jess has over a decade of experience in creating digital brands, from strategy, channel planning, conceptualization to execution. Her career has allowed her the opportunity to work with several consumer brands and lead massive projects globally. Jess helps the team not just build an application, but a brand which interacts with its consumers with the utmost standards seen globally. She lights up any room she walks into filling it up with insightful conversations.

Mentor & Advisor

Wei Zhu

Wei is an accomplished leader in technology space with over 20+ year experience. He is the founder and CEO of Igloo (InsurTech former Axinan) which recently closed its Series A-plus funding. Wei was former CTO at Grab, and was also one of the first 100 engineers at Facebook. He was with Microsoft for 8years in the U.S after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Washington.
Wei has advised Ahop from ideation, accessible market, connecting partners, to building of Ahop version 1 MVP.
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