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Vessel Tracking System

Real Time Boat Tracking

Get latest updates on the boats’ position, every minute. We provide Launch Boats, Supply Vessel and Outside Port Limit with custom grouping & color coding. In addition, you can apply embedded filters on the map to view only those boats that you need.

Historical Boat Tracking

Access a full record of all your boat activities in a single view, according to your preferred time period.

Real Time Destination Vessel Tracking

The destination vessels’ positions can be tracked live from the app. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, the destination vessel automatically pops up in the map’s display too; and viewing vessels close to your own will be one click away.

Fleet Management & Crew Assignment

You have the freedom to manage your daily boatman assignment, with regular SMSes notifying you of any changes underway. All the documents relevant to the boat’s management — certification documents, oil change and repair records, bunker sample records, to name a few — can be accessed from here as well.


You will have the option to set up both an automatic and a manual link to any existing accounting software(s) and/or payroll system(s). The app’s simplicity and ease of use is reflected in the seamless integration between the booking page and the map’s display, and is API-ready to be linked with the MSW (Maritime Single Window), OHS (One Hand Shake), and MPA (Maritime Data Hub).


Enterprise Database Management

The platform assists you in overseeing the activities of the crew and operators on-ground with real-time data and insights.

Online Boat Scheduler

A calendar view of all your boat bookings in a visually easy to read format, accessible from email accounts. Integration available on request.


The dashboard offers you a simplified view of all your data and corresponding analysis by the day or month, by the annual number of bookings, or crew and boat statistics — all in one place.

Mobile App For All

Our mobile app endeavors to be a one-stop solution for all the stakeholders involved. For customers, this manifests in the form of bookings on the go — along with options for editing and cancelling them. It’s smooth sailing for the launch operation too, with similar on-the-go options, to receive; accept; or edit bookings. The crew acts as the communication platform between the operator desk that will notify them of booking orders and the boat, where they can also record the customer’s sign-off time.


The app is designed to integrate seamlessly with BaL for managing vessels: this will also allow boats and destination vessels to be tracked in real time. Auto or Manual link to existing Accounting software and/or Payroll systems. You will have the option to set up both an automatic and a manual link to any existing accounting software(s) and/or payroll system(s), with the app also API-ready to be linked with the MSW (Maritime Single Window), OHS (One Hand Shake), and MPA (Maritime Data Hub).

Give your business

the power of digital

Hardware. State of the art.

The package includes top notch hardware systems including the installation of 24” monitors with in-built CPU to optimize the space at the operators booths. The boats would be installed with real time trackers to give you the optimal tracking positions and information.

Ahop has partnered with M1 as connectivity partness to give your business a seamless connectivity all year round.


Grant Assist. We’ll be there for you.

Ahop will assist in the grant process with Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority, and Enterprise Singapore for grant disbursement.

We believe in strong partnerships, a part of which is to go the extra mile to support everything your business required to go digital!


Marketing. Show up online.

Ahop has partnered with Adtomica, a boutique marketing agency with clients like Google, Special Olympics, Alt Pizza and more. All customers onboard would get marketing support via Ahop digital channels.

This service would be free of cost for you, and would help your brand into a 360 degrees digitization with visibility on the internet.



It's simple, one cost for the full year.
  • Operators

  • $ 4,000
    / yr
  • an estimate for 5 boats

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